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We listen, understand, and create with intention.

"Listening is a great way to earn your turn to talk."  - Annette Simmons



First, we need to understand your story. We want to meet the characters and know why it matters to the audience. We need to deeply understand the story. This step - listening -  is the most important and, often, most bypassed part of telling a story.


After we define our purpose, we then start with field research and community interviews. In order to tell the strongest story possible, we look at an array of characters and their attributes to ensure they can be our "Heart". The Heart is the main character whose journey we go on. Ideally, they possess the 3 Big Qualities (Desire, Uniqueness, and Complexity) and are in alignment with all of our story's keywords.


Next, we analyze all of our data and develop a few different journeys we can take our audience on, ultimately arriving at the one that is most aligned with our purpose. With defined keywords, a clear vision of our purpose, we decide on a Heart, build our plot and set out to tell that story.


Once we get your approval on character & story briefs, only then do we pull out our gear. Since we listened, we waste no time in production. We know the story we are going to tell before we tell it.  With our keywords to guide our story, we only capture the shots we need and get into post production.

Post production is a breeze since we have a defined purpose and we have a united vision. A rough cut is supplied and any adjustments are made. Because we knew the story before we started, delivery is fast and exactly as expected.


Together, we have told the story of a remarkable person's journey and given our audience a call to action. But here's where it can become tricky. Even if it is the most incredible film, if there's no strategy on how to optimize it, it won't reach the correct audience. Because of that, the audience won't do what you want them to do. We care, both about your goal and the story we are telling together, so strategy is another part of our process that we suggest. We can absolutely talk to this more depending on your specific needs.




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